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MOT Separator

KHOIE POWER's story began back in 2004 in Dubai when we decided to be a technology innovator. Our exciting mission unites our people representing many nationalities with products, sales and services in many countries of West Asia and North Africa. We work round the clock to design, source, build, supply and service the oil and gas industries with range of products and services, from drilling through production, and integrated pore-to-pipeline solutions that optimize hydrocarbon recovery to deliver reservoir performance sustainably.

Oil Treatment Process (simplified)

Mobile Oil Separator and Mobile Oil Treaters (MOS and MOT) is a special system designed to treat crude oil by separating unwanted substances from well stream. MOS and MOT packages can be supplied with trailer to ensure fast and effective operation in oilfield. This allows the operator to exploit drilled oil wells and sell crude oil within very short period instead of establishing bulky and complex Early Production Facilities which will take more than a year to establish.

KHOIE POWER supplies Fasttrack oil production and treatment solutions for oil companies, which want to receive fast returns on their investment. We provide customized mobile oil separation and treatment packages and ensure delivery within 6 months from the date of placement order. We ensure cost-effectiveness and quality performance. Our equipment is supplied with quality parts and automation system to ensure safe and easy operation.