CEO Message



While Covid 19 was indeed a tragedy of our time to take so many innocent lives around the world, not to mention its disastrous economic impacts upon many businesses, it was not without a lesson for humanity reminding us of our capacity for compassion for one another. Great pharmaceutical companies rushed in to the mission and produced the vital vaccine for the dreaded virus and responsible government mobilized their resources to administer and vaccinate their populations. Dubai, once again, demonstrated the unique wherewithal to deal with the challenge at hand. Over 85% of the three million plus population of Dubai have been vaccinated and we are almost arriving at normalcy of life in Dubai.

The real estate sector is booming simply because Dubai is offering the ideal quality of life in a peaceful, safe, secure, and a prosperous environment for all nationalities who live in peace and tranquility in this blessed land which is showing the tired and weary young millions in the West Asia and North Africa that with faith, hard work, integrity and commitment to excellence, peace, progress and prosperity are possible and achievable.

We, at the Khoie Group of companies remain unshaken and committed to the vision of Dubai for building a country that has demonstrated in the most courageous fashion that peace and unity and economic progress is far more powerful than mindless and centuries of hate and war and death and destruction that has brought misery, poverty and insecurity for millions. Let the whole world and centers of hatred and friction and never-ending border wars sit up and take note and observe that it takes much greater courage to make peace, than go on with mindless wars and destruction.